Ein erstes konsistentes physikalisches Modell der Radiästhesie?
von Dr. Hans-Dieter Langer, Niederwiesa

Auf der Grundlage eigener physikalischer Untersuchungen glaubt der Autor zwei fundamentale Phänomene in der Biosphäre entdeckt zu haben: 1. Die Existenz natürlicher Geoneutronen-Strahlen und 2. die Neutronotropie der Lebewesen.

Ausgehend davon und unter Annahme einer (latenten) Neutronen-Sensitivität des Menschen wird ein biophysikalisches Modell der Radiästhesie (in englisch-sprachigen Ländern auch Dowsing, in russisch-sprachigen Ländern auch Biolokation) vorgestellt. Es wird - basierend auf einer biophysikalischen Neutronen-Hypothese - im wesentlichen das gesamte radiästhetische Repertoire einbezogen und diskutiert. Dabei werden insbesondere die folgenden wichtigen Bereiche der Radiästhesie abgedeckt: Natur der Erdstrahlen, Ortsbestimmung und Identifikation der geopathischen Störzonen, geopathische Aufladung, Geopathie (geopathische Belastung und Krankheit in Verbindung mit der radiästhetischen Biofeld-Hypothese: insbesondere radiästhetische Diagnose und Therapie), Ausleitung der geopathischen Belastung.

Mit Hilfe der n-Hypothese (n steht für Neutronen) geling es durch einfache Annahmen, die Übertragung der (radiästhetisch wahrgenommenen) „Informationen“ aus dem Erdinneren zu erklären, radiästhetisch belastete von neutralen Plätzen zu unterscheiden, die krank machende Wirkung von Erdstrahlen zu begreifen und die Mechanismen der radiästhetischen Diagnose und Therapie zu verstehen (falls das radiästhetische Biofeld-Konzept physikalisch real ist).


Vorteile des Modells: 1. Das Konzept ist naturwissenschaftlich akzeptabel. 2. Alle Annahmen des Modells sind experimentell überprüfbar. 3. Die quantitative Kontrolle der Radiästhesie ist möglich.


Unsicherheiten des Modells: 1. Die Neutronen-Sensitivität (geringe Dosen!) des Menschen ist nicht erwiesen. 2. Die physikalischen Grundlagen (Geoneutronen-Strahlen, Neutronotropie) sind unvollständig. 3. Einige Aspekte des physikalischen Modells funktionieren eigentlich nur unter Annahme sehr langsamen Neutronen.


A first consistent physical model of radiestesy? 
Hans-Dieter Langer, Niederwiesa


Due to its physical examinations, the author believes to have discovered two fundamental phenomena in the biosphere: 1. The existence of natural geoneutron beams and 2. the neutronotropy of living beings. Following this and assuming a (latent) neutron sensitivity of the people, a biophysical model of radiestesy (dowsing, biolocation) is proposed. It is, based on a pure biophysical neutron hypothesis, deduced and discussed the entire radiestetic repertoire, which especially the following importand dowsing areas covers: Nature of Earth´s radiation, location and identification of geopathic zones, geopathic loading, geopathy, geopathic exitation. With the help of the n-hypothesis it succeed to explain even by simple assumptions the transfer of “information” from the ground, to distinguish between radiestetic depressed and neutral places, to cause disease by Earth´s radiation, and to understand mechanisms of radiestetic diagnosis and therapy.

Advantages of the model: 1. The concept is scientific acceptable. 2. All statements of the model can be experimentally verified. 3. The quantitative control of radiestesy is possible.

Uncertainties: 1. The human neutron sensitivity is not yet confirmed. 2. The physical fundamentals (geoneutron beams, neutronotropy) are still incomplete. 3. Some aspects of the physical model work true only with very slow neutrons.


The search for an explanation of the radiestetic phenomena is as old as the radiestesy (dowsing, biolocation) of modern times. Effects of dowsing rod and pendulum have always been geared to the nature, unfortunally though increasingly only after that of the phantasy of the people. This is critised by the author!

The rod myth is one of the oldest cultural goods of mankind. In prehistoric times, and during the first advanced civilizations, e.g. Oldassur and Oldegypt, the dowsing rod was revered as a god (Figure 1). Modern languages have this status, at least, as a concept still preserved: Divine or divining rod. Also this sounds without doubt further - as in many other creeds and religions of the contemporary world - with the Christian rod miracles in the Old Testament (such as Moses in the water search in the desert) and in the New Testament (for example Jesus in the re-awakening of Lazarus after interpretation by the early Christians, Figure 1). There is also the earliest reference to the possibility of using the rod to trace invisible minerals in the ground. This fact alone is already a cause for nourish the mystification and adoration of the magic power. And still today many people succumb to this temptation.

Figure 1: Myths of the divining rod in the old cultures 

Georgius Agricola is regarded as the founder of mining sciences. In his "De re metallica" (1555) Fraustadt, Prescher he write upon the exploration of local deposits of mineral resources: People at least since the ancient times have done this with the rod (or with a pendulum), or alternatively by specific observations of nature, especially the pointer attributes of plants Langer (1). Moreover, Agricola was already known the selective binding of ore and his linear veins to deep reaching cracks (clefts) in the earth's crust. 

As the miner, after Agricola, favoured like indicator the dowsing rod or the flight or other anomalous behaviours of the trees - mostly along the imaginary lines in the landscape - so it was apparently marced an invisible, once open cleft in the Earth´s crust, containing at least piecemeal for example Silver. 

Such a strong correlation requires the physical explanation! 

Nuclear radiation in the biosphere 

Already the father of geophysics, Georg Ambronn, referred in his book "Fundamentals of Applied Geophysics" (1926) Ambronn in the context of cracks in the Earth's crust and local anomalies of the natural nuclear radiation. Other geophysicists, for example R. Lauterbach Lauterbach, observed clearly physiological reactions of the people in those disturbances, and even successfully used this as one of the field-measurement methods to determine the real structure of the Earth's crust. This reminds particularly impressive in the doing of dowsers as Georgius Agricola, 500 years ago, and his successors in the following centuries in relevant textbooks have described (Figure 2) Bayer.

Figure 2: The dowser as miner

Also from modern view is much to indicate that the component of free neutrons within the natural background radiation require special attention. 

The following will be given in relation to current knowledge of neutron physics and biophysics. In the biosphere meet and penetrate two natural neutron (n) flows, and we state a terrestrial (geoneutrons), and a cosmic component (secondary neutrons). It is known that in the Earth exist many sources of radioactivity, also for geoneutrons, see, for example, the correlation of Earth´s quakes and geoneutron flow (Figure 3) Langer (4). The secondary neutrons caused by the shock processes of Cosmic radiation in the atmosphere.

Figure 3: Correlation of the geoneutrons flow and the Earth´s quakes 

Bio-medical relevant is especially the high proportion of slow neutrons in the resulting energy spectrum of the Earth's surface (Figure 4) Wiegel, because the particular cross-section of the atomic nuclei of H, C and N grows nonlinear with falling n-speed. With increasing intensity and decreasing energy of the n-radiation are clearly rising health risks to plants, animals and humans, because the quality factor of the neutron is already extremely high.

Figure 4: Neutrons energy spectrum in the biosphere

You will therefore have to accept that the creatures during the evolution adapted with repair mechanisms, as the natural n-field is much older than any organism. To that extent, we already have a sensitivity of at least the molecular level to expect. (The search for a related organ could be so superfluous.) It also follows that neutronotropy, which means, that certain creatures - especially the immobile and very large (for example trees) - physiologically conspicuously react on spatial n-inhomogeneities in his living space.

Now it has actually turned out, that the terrestrial n-flux is unevenly distributed in space, but at least the real structure of the Earth's crust maps, and this is - in terms of free geoneutrons - extremely diverse. Consider once the boundary of earth and water. Because of the high H-content of the latter it leads to increased n-absorption. Following cracks and pores of the soil in his water edge are always more or less pronounced gradients of water content in the land side. Thus we have at the limits of Earth to the waters a transition from high to low terrestrial n-flow (Figure 5) Langer (4). The measurable H- and n-gradients are proportional to each other.

Figure 5: Neutron gradient at the boundary water/land and neutronotropy of trees

Neutronotropy of trees 

And what of the neutronotropy of trees? After classical biology is the symmetry of the tree by geo- and fototropy fully determined. Especially at the waters edge, however, we observe extreme neutronotropy often in the form of flight of the tree from high to low neutron fluxes (over the water), which means that he is growing as part of his opportunities on the water, and only then (if necessary) note gravity or light (Figure 5). Intensive neutronotrope reactions of the tree we also note in the land, what´s more, in very different physiological forms. Striking examples may this show: The inclined kink-growth, the hole cavity growth and the spiralic loop growth by neutron beams (Figure 6).

Figure 6: Geoneutron beams and neutronotropy (flight) of trees

The laser simulation and the n-beam models show (Figure 7) Langer (2), (5), see also www.drhdl.de: You will accept in the biosphere, in addition to so-called vertical arranged n-plane-beams, also arbitrarily shaped and inclined so-called n-partial-beams.

Figure 7: Models of geoneutron beams by real structure of the Earth´s crust 

Has in nature a partial-beam bundle for example accidentally a sharply curved lateral limit, trees respond among other things with arbitrary curved forms (Figure 6). An inclined spotlike partial-beam or a concentrated bundle of partial-beams can be holelike enclosed. Affected trees are grown with bizarrely shaped smaller to larger "holes" on the stem itself or by curved grown branches (Figure 6). On the on hand trees “copy” the n-gradients and the n-beam boundarys and on the other hand they indicate, that geotropy and fototropy still be in the game. 

Particularly in the case of very fine n-spots it my be, that we observe a defensive function against geoneutrons in the form of growed bumps on the tree (Figure 8). Radiestets tend to call trees with bumps as cancereous. But the "healthy" bump is characterized in cross section by regular grown multilayer structures with many layers per year. This is not cancer! Just in the neutron physics is the reflection and the scattering of neutrons on multilayer systems well known. Thus, the adoption suggests, that the tree possibly use this property for turn away a part of striking geoneutrons. Very demonstratively proved hollow trees, which have on one side a neutronotrope hole, and in continuation of the spotlike n-beams on the other side of the tree cavity inside (!) grown bumps (Figure 8) Langer (2)

Figure 8: Defending reactions of trees in the geoneutron field (bumps and rotation)

From this stunning defense property we can deduce two further observations in nature: 

1st There are more or less old trees, consist quasi only of bumps (Figure 8). (It is often a destructive behavior of early bumps, which are by definition under constant neutron bombardment. Thus also biologists believe it would be cancer.) 

2nd In addition to local defense by bumps the trees often show main or adventivnih branching in the direction of n-rays (Figure 8). So branching my be an additional flight response. 

Radiestets were also always been fascinated by the rotating trees (Figure 8). But the "declaration", the tree stand at intersections of water veins, or so like, is generally unscientific, because it does not in any way invalidate the principle of causality. A physically viable model is therefore desirable. 

We discuss a magnetic model: With the capillary water supply to the tree is a resulting ion current. So the trunk is surrounded with a radial, inhomogeneous magnetic field H (x), which means dH/dx ≠ 0. Geoneutrons themselves have a magnetic moment μ. This is in the magnetic field of the Earth partially aligned. According to the equation 

Kmagn μ = dH/dx (1)

does a magnetic force Kmagn on a neutron. To at least turn away a portion of the polarized neutrons - that is to produce a sloping gradient of the magnetic field vector in its environment - the tree requires a horizontal component of the electrical power density. This he achieves by rotating (tilt the vector of the water/ion current density). 

After we cleared the physiological significance of geoneutrons mainly on the example of neutronotropy, and with respect to Georgius Agricola´s observations, we can attempt to make these findings to the dowsing. 

Radiästhetische effects 

Although today's radiestets - unfortunately they often follow the modern trends of the esoteric or their own commercial profiling - increasingly aspire a mystification of dowsing rod and/or pendulum phenomena, it be valid the old result of the physicist J. W. Ritter (1808) Ritter: All radiestetic effects are human-biological phenomena, which are superimposed all too often from the thriving imagination. The sensors of human body (signal absorption from the environment) and the muscular actuators (indication with rod or pendulum or without aids, purely emotionally) will be controlled by the brain. It followed - by the way - a few fundamental points: 

1st Each "healthy" person can learn radiestesy. 

2nd Unconscious and conscious indications are possible. 

3rd All other explanation approaches are wrong. 

In addition, we can distinguish two radiestetic areas from each other. One is the "Earth´s radiation" dowsing, and the other the "biofield" dowsing. 

The "biofield" radiestesy 

Although the practis of “biofield” advanced today extremely by the commercialization, it stands from scientific view on an totally hypothetical basis. One of its most prominent representatives and nestor is the chemistry professor J. K. Bähr. He was in the first half of the 19th Century a teacher at the predecessor of the Technical University of Dresden. J. K. Bähr believed to discover with the pendulum the periodic table of elements and principles of molecular binding. We know that this was a big physical flopp, but his book "The dynamic circle" (1861) Bähr is the basis of any “relationship tests” and the “biofield” in the radiestesy. But the most radiestets ognore the one and the other things! 

Although for physics, of course, it is long time known, that a living creature - as indeed also any dead subject - practically all natural fields do emit or reemit, there is so far no conclusive evidence that a person perceives all signals. While the (electromagnetic!) photon field is the basis of any visual perception, are magnetic, other electromagnetic and radioactive fields, for example, apparently sidelined. But it is totally wrong to assume that the body at molecular, at atomic or at nucleus levels does not interact. It usually accounts for only conscious "registration" and the reaction to it. One could perhaps also say in the jargon of the measurement technique that the natural threshold is too high. 

Radiestets claim on the other hand, to be for any in physics unknown (!) "fields" highly sensitive, but they always fail when they have to dowse under controlled conditions known natural or technological fields. This is one of the most logical arguments against the existence of the radiestetic "biofields"! Thus is the "Pendulum experiment of Lichtenwalde" - see www.drhdl.de - a fine example for statistical proof of the non-existence of a biofield sensitivity. The radiestets were in this simple case of a double-blind experiment unable to find a coin, which is positioned directly under a chessboard!!! 

The "Earth´s radiation" radiestesy 

The “Der Wünschelruten-Report”/”The dowsing rod report” (1989) of the physic´s professors H.-D. Betz and H. L. König Betz, König culminated in the conclusion, that the dowsing rod effect is significant. H.-D. Betz Betz deeped this statement by the research support of the dowser Hans Schröter, who determined many locations of wells under controlled conditions. This suggests to the detection of the ore veins discribed by G. Agricola. Thus we could take into consideration from a scientific view a human´s sensitivity to corresponding terrestrial radiation. 

Bad informed scepticists believe to be able to lead the radiestesy and the spectacle of many radiestets to absurdity by combat linguistic terms such as "Earth´s radiation". This is indeet convenient, but just as ridiculous, as if a slovenly radiestet equate the underground water flow with a bucket of water. Linguistic disputes have never been suitable to continue the natural sciences any one centimeter! This particular German tragedy draws especially if you 
consider the English word meaning: “Erdstrahlen” (Earth´s radiation) = “terrestrial radiation”. Alternatively the English physicist readily uses the german word “Hintergrundstrahlung” (instead of the equivalent english word “background radiation"). All this is still far from being a physical theme! 

Finally, the radiestetic literature - mostly from the workshops of total physical laymens - is full of unqualified "thinking" to explain the "Earth´s radiation". Unfortunately, any single project is realistic or thinked over to an acceptable end. So remains the door open for total speculation, and the mysterious "frequencies", "grids", "pulsers", "planetary lines," ... celebrate wild orgies. 

Knowing, that he is between all chairs, the author has decided to construct a model of the "Earth´s radiation" and the radiestesy, which offer for all essential matters a physically consistent basis. To be anticipated: It will not tried for dowsing a scientific painting, and also not to speak a final word of physics (to the theme of radiestesy). Rather will be shown for interested radiestets and scientists, how to act manual in this difficult matter. The physical model is built on a neutron thesis. This thesis so quickly collapsed in a crash, as he goes at any essential position in opposition to nature. But, all contradictions are to determine experimentally! 

Therefore seek the model - which is of course still inadequate by measurement results - for all its approaches the experimental verifiability. 

The neutron thesis of "Earth´s radiation" 

Dowsing is based on two fundamental properties of “Earth´s radiation": 

1st position finding (e.g. dowse the place of an underground facility), 

2nd cause of illness (e.g. the radiestetic “sleeping place”-problem or the tree escape). 

The author assumes, that geoneutrons from scientific views and by practical experience have demonstrated both characteristics, namely stronger than any other natural terrestrial radiation. 

Physical structure diagnostics with geoneutrons 

The ability of the geoneutrons, to transmit physical data, follows from their radioactive sources in the dept (e.g. in the crust and upper mantle of the Earth) and their properties, e.g. influencing the energy spectrum, absorption, scattering, reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, wave guide. Basically, all this effects are on principle possible at the geoneutrons passage through the Earth's crust, its real structure and the lower atmospheric layers. One of the most striking effects for the postulated (in the model) beam existence in the biosphere are cracks, fissures, interfaces or other structural and chemical inhomogenities of Earth´s crust. The author developed models for vertical plane n-beams and any tilted and shaped so-called partial-beams of geoneutrons, which he could prove by measurements. This idea will be simulated, for example, in a simple but satisfying manner by the passage of photons from a laser through a layer of glass shards. 

How could work radiestetic "Earth´s radiation"-diagnostic? 

Now, this geoneutron phenomenon is by no means automatically radiestetical perceive, as some dowsers believe. Because the author, however, nevertheless make on this basis the following reflections - as above reasons - he must clear identify this hypothesis. This happens in the present essay on principle by the adjective "radiestetic" or abbreviated by the premeditation "r", e.g. radiestetic or r”partial-beam” (the radiestetic term is additional marked by quotation). Thus, the dowsing of r”geopathic zones” of the r”geoneutrons” with the rod or pendulum or without means is principially possible and permissible. 

R”geoneutrons” would thus postulated as transferer of r”informations” from all of the objects in the deep of the Earth´s crust. The position of a r”water veins” could so be dowsed, for example, by absorption and/or moderation or diffraction (interference) of r”geoneutrons”. It could, e.g. be determined the r”deep” as effect of r”currency” and the r”abundance” of the r”vein” as r”neutron scattering effect”. A characteristic grouping of vertical plane r”neutron beams” would determine the r”Leyline” and different r”neutron partial beams” has r”interfacial multiple reflections or scattering centers” as a possible cause. 

Possible neutron sensitivity of the human being

Signals were in the human body in organs registered. But principially, the entire body (long wave area) or its cells, molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei (in that order always shortened the waves) are also signal receiver. It should therefore be better to speak of sensory levels, depending on which of these elements in the interaction is addressed. 

So the neutrons in principle relate to the atomic nucleus level. Captures an atomic nucleus of H a neutron, it doubled its mass, and the electronic structure is changing dramatically. (We have now a deuterium atom. Visually we state a dramatic color difference of hydrogen and deuterium lamps.) The question is now the pathway to the brain, but the classic-chemically or classic-electrically postulated function of the signal transmission from the sense organs to the brain in the living organism is even in fact hardly understood . On the other side the electronic structure correlates eminent with the biophoton concept of F. Popp Popp. Bad experiences of humanity (for example Earth´s quakes warning) also show that living beings probable react on nuclear radiation in general and on neutrons in special.

Thus we founded - in our model! - a neutron sensitivity of the human body. For the whole explanation of "Earth´s radiation" dowsing it is necessary further to examine, to what extent the other r”geopathic zones” would have a correlation with r”neutrons”. 

R”geopathic zones” and r”neutrons” 

Radiestetic ”geopathic zones" are especially - except those already mentioned r”water veins” - r”faults” (“fault lines”), r “clefts”, r”lattices” (the latter with a bewildering variety) and r"energy lines" (those with many, nothing asserting synonyms, often also connected with Leylines). 

Hitherto no one radiestet published an physically (!) acceptable model for the above r”objects” in the r”literature”. As usual, there exist already conceptually in the declaration ofr”energy lines” and r”lattices” full confusion. Possibly, at least to bring the usual rod and pendulum lengths into play, under some radiestets (“physical radiestesy”) the idea of standing electromagnetic 3D-r”wave fields” in a r”microvawe range” naturalized. R”grids” are then per definitio r"walls" of such standing r”waves” Rohrbach. However, here has - besides also in equal parts by the misleading of J. K.Bähr - the so-called frequency syndrome of dowsing his starting-point Langer (3)

Assuming now (in the physical model) that the standing-wave field is indeed of electromagnetic nature, it would be referred to consider the following picture: In the resulting (by interference) wall of standing waves has the magnetic field strength H his maxim in the center, that is, it is built on both sides an symmetrical gradient of the magnetic field strength dH/dx, but with opposite signs. Thus, according to equation (1) act forces on the neutrons which happened to be in this area. According to the two spin states show the neutrons on both sides a preferential inward movement, and therefore we derive an increased n-duration of slow neutrons in the centre of the wall. It would therefore an approach to the detectability of r”grids” by radiestets, which are (per definitio in the biophysical model) neutron sensitive. But the experiment has not yet taken place, so that it temporarily at r”neutrons” remains, unless the only "evidence" with pure radiestetic means and methods is inadmissible.

Now, geological faults and fissures are more or less open cracks in the rocks. Geomorphology has also knowledge of many systematic parallel-crack systems, which almost are vertically arranged in the Earth´s crust. In addition, the G. Agricola´s traditional experience, that radiestets detected in the historical mining with ores filled clefts as "reliable" as this does the scoreboard plants. Nevertheless, the practical geophysics know since R. Ambronn, that invisible cracks in the landscape are marked bei linear maxima of nuclear radiation. This is in physics understood as a result of channelled diffusion of radioactive gases. But, this equally well could be interpreted by the channelled migration of very slow neutrons. Furthermore, it is to be noted a slightly control experiment, which is often in radiestesy practised: A dowser pursues in a double-blind experiment a r”crack” up to a steep cliff, where one subsequently can verify visually the presence or absence of a real crack. Thus, in that respect could be accepted an analogy to the r”clefts” and r”faults”, and we accept this in aur model.

How could be illness bei rgeopathic zones” (“Illness as a problem of location”)? 

The model of dowsing would be incomplete, if it does not succeed to explain the radiestetic phenomenon of r"illness by geopathic zones". With the neutron model concept this is possible! 

First, from a radiestetic view r”water veins”, r”faults” and some r”grids” belong to this r”geopathic zones”. (R”energy lines” and their synonymes will also be, but are uneven evaluated.) The resulting r”bedroom problem” is sometimes sharpened because in radiestesy there are also so called r“geopathic reflexes from the top type”. The latter are interpreted by some radiestets as microwave radiation emitted and concentrated by the metal parts in the surrounding room.

As it has been demonstrated (in the model), “real” water veins, cracks and grids - at least, when it is in the latter case real and in fact an standing electromagnetic wave system - lead to vertical plane geoneutron-beams in the biosphere. There is also a literature of n-measurements to this phenomenon (higher n-density above a r”water vein” Bürklin). In any, the author also claims on a physical basis of its own investigations: The biosphere contains so-called neutron partial beams, which are arbitrarily tilted and shaped. Ahead those, for example, trees flee from such positions. Thus, if trees in this way respond with neutronotropy, the question is, how the human body injured by neutrons. 

There are many hints and experiences that nuclear radiation in low doses can positively influence the live processes, for example, by selectively destroying degenerative cells. Thus possibly the geoneutron flow ensures in nature for a balance. My be, but higher doses generally are classified as bionegativ. Many publications of biophysical research and medical practice (neutron tumor therapy) do underline the following sentence: "Even a single capture reaction (one neutron is captured in an atomic nucleus) damages the DNA in the nucleus of a cell so strong that the cell dies.Lindinger. Also, the effective quality factor of the neutron is internationally dated, respectively discussed, between 10 and 300 (compared to only 1 for x-ray and γ-quantums!). Therefore the neutron my be extremely hostile for life. 

Thus, if r”geopathic zones” (and also r”geopathic reflexes”) in the reality should have something with higher n-density, it would be the neutron clearly a favored candidate for their "ill made" property. 

Biologically ill by neutrons 

The orbit of free neutrons normally ends by capture in an atomic nucleus, or by the radioactive decay. The first case is here interesting. But, before a neutron with an initial energy of 1 MeV is captured, it will take place in the molecular material of the organism different shock processes. Assuming an average energy loss of 1 eV per interaction - what is at least enough for the destruction of one molecular binding - would the neutron destroy one million (!) molecules before he is ultimately captured with a kinetic rest energy of 1 eV in an atomic nucleus. If it is slowed down (moderated) even more, so grow the capture cross-sections of the H-, C- and N-nuclei, which are the majority of the biological material. 

The consequences are therefore: Because resulted a plenty of molecular errors per event and a completely altered atomic nucleus (which absorbed the neutron), the healthy organism needs both deficiencies completely eliminate by repair. Does he not, for whatever reasons, so he now carries in itself the seeds for illness, as teaches the practical experience. 

It has now several ways to assess the consequences. Here we argue in a simple physical way. Molecular defects are, in any case, disturbances in the emergent biological system. If there is keep, e.g. an interrupted double binding in the DNA of a cell nucleus up to the cell division, thus degenerative consequences are inevitable. Some further possibilities are:

* In the radio-carbon nuclear reaction (n + N14 = C14) converts nitrogen to carbon, which is 
not on of the cell at this point. 
* By an n-capture the nuclear reaction convert a H-atom in the new element 
deuterium (D), which is twice as heavy and has a fully other electron strukture. 
* If, in H2O, both H may replaced by D, we have D2O, one of the most powerful known cell 
* Captures D a further neutron, so does the radioactive tritium (T). 

The r”neutron” model for r”illness” 

This distorsions of the emergent biological system by neutrons may be now fundamental (in connection with the postulated n-sensitivity of the dowser) for the r”neutron” model of r”illness”, r”diagnosis” and r”therapy” in connection with the n-r”geopathic zones” model. 

In the practice of radiestesy the r”bedroom problem” consists of four stages: 

1st Sleeping on lines or points of r”geopathic zones” or r”geopathic reflexes” (which are via 
r”Earth´s radiation” radiestetical detectable), 
2nd Resulting r"geopatic loading" or r“geopatic illness” of the body (which are via 
r”biofield” radiestetical detectable), 
3rd Bed conversion to the r"good place" (which is ad hoc - absence of r”Earth´s radiation” - 
radiestetical detectable), 
4th R"recovery" of the r"geopatic loading", e.g. with homeopathic products and methods up 
to the r”patient” is r”healthy”. (altogether are - down to the appropriate medications and 
their dosages and revenue consequences - by r”biofield” radiestetical detectable) 

(Note: The phrase "radiestetical detectable" is not an opinion of the author, but merely expresses the usual attitude of relevant radiestets. At least in the case of the 2 and 4 positions, which are typical r"biofield" or r"relationship test" applications, the author is just satisfied from the opposite, see above. However, for round the r”neutron model of illness” I hereinafter formal give up this restriction.) 

Positions 1und 3: The r”neutron model of geopathic zones” was discussed above. We also claimed in the model a certain probability, that some r”geopathic zones” or r"Earth´s radiation” could be understood as real neutron rays. In this respect, there would be actually a neutronogeneaus problem of a biological location, and the bed has the same risk, such as the immobile tree. Accordingly, the r"good place" would be by definition "free" of neutrons. 

Position 2: By consequent application of the neutron-thesis we could understand, that each additional in an atomic nucleus of the body absorbed neutron and his radiation damages (before capture) may be part of a r"geopatic loading". This “loading” would be really conserved (and a biological risk), as long as no atomic substitution or repair of molecular damage would take place. So far, so good.

Now, as in radiestesy it not only is assumed, that the r"geopathic loading " is carried around, but that they can be radiestetical localized and identified by the disturbed r"biofield". If we now disregard all our reservations, it raises the question, how this could work physically. We discuss here two mechanisms, which could on principle r”identifikation-signals” trigger:


A) An additional captured neutron: If the n-absorption occurred in somewhere nucleus of a 
H-atom, it was substituted by a D-atom. The term spectra of both atoms clear differ.


B) A molecular damage: The molecular vibration spectrum markedly moves.


The alleged r”localization” in the body of the r"geopathical loadet” patient could be attributed to the local accumulation of "wrong" atoms and radiation damages in affected organs, in accordance with the situation of r"geopathic zones" and their r”intersections” under the bed. 

Position 4: The “exitation” of the r"geopathic loading" could be understood as a homeopathic stimulated molecular and/or cell repair and/or accelerated delivery of “wrong” atoms and/or molecules, e.g. D2O (the strong cell poison).


Are the "wrong" atoms by “good” atoms substituted, are the molecular damages repaired, and are the poisons removed it would also be eliminated the r"geopathic loading". This effects of the neutron thesis, in conjunction with the change-over of the bed on the r"good place" would imply a lasting healing of the patient, and he sleeps from today on a real r"restored" place.




With the help of a neutron thesis it is the first time succeeded, to create a consistent physical model, which the following radiestetical areas covers:


* Earth radiation dowsing (location, depth, other quantitative parameters),


* Location problem of dowsing (such as geopathic zones at the bed place or the good place),


* Geopathical loading,


* Geopathical triggered disease,


* Homeopathical “exitation” (of the geopathic loading).


A special feature (in physics, however, an absolute self-understanding!) is the experimental verifiability of all critical components of the model, and this not with radiestetic, but with technical resources. This is especially adressed on all “scientific” working radiestets: Not the dowser is the arbitrator, but the scientific instrument! If the model would be suitable, it would be possible, for example, r”geopathic zones” and their r”illness potential” to disprove or confirm using technical measurements of neutrons. 

Through the detection of gradients and beams of the natural neutron radiation field and the observation of adequate neutronotropy reactions of affected trees the author has developed an quantitative physical entrace to the mentioned problems. Especially significant is the real geoneutron location problem of the immobile beings, e.g. trees, already identified. The next step (I think, now not be too large) must be the relevant quantitative revision of the entire Earth radiation dowsing and the other radiestetic statements, especially supported by the mysterious biofield.


Much more difficult is the proof of local accumulations of the irradiation products in the body (after radiestetic understanding: through lengthy stay at "wrong place”). It could, however, for example the "exitation" of D2O (urinate, respiration, volatilization) measure. This would especially also be a mechanism for the examination of the "biofield" dowsing, because too obtrusive (and unexamined) radiestets are secure, to solve in the simplest way diffical medical and biophysical atters (diagnosis, therapy, selection and dosage of medication).


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Сокращение доклада


На основании физических исследований, автор предполагает что обнаружил два фундаментальных явления в биосфере: 1. Существование естественных геонейтронных лучей и 2. Нейтронотропию живых существ.

На основании вышесказанного и предполагая существование (скрытой) нейтронной чувствительности людей, предложена биофизическая модель радиэстезии (лозоходство, биолокация). Она основана на чисто биофизической нейтронной гипотезе, которая выведена и обсуждена по различными радиэстезичесими аспектами, включающими следующие особенно важные области биолокации: природная радиация Земли, местоположение и идентификация геопатических зон, геопатическая нагрузка, геопатия, геопатическое возбуждение.

С помощью n-гипотезы, опираясь даже простыми предположениями, можно успешно обьяснить передачу "информации" от Земли и различить радиэстезически подавленные и нейтральные места, вызывающие болезни от радиации Земли, а также объяснить механизмы радиэстезического диагноза и терапии.

Преимущества модели: 1. Концепция является научно приемлемой. 2. Все утверждения модели могут быть экспериментально проверены. 3. Количественный контроль радиэстезиивозможен.

Сомнения: 1. Человеческая нейтронная чувствительность еще не подтверждена. 2. Основные физические принципы (геонейтронные лучи, нейтронотропия) все еще неполны. 3. Некоторые аспекты физической модели являются верными только при случае с очень медленными нейтронами.